What I hate about gyms

U have been there.I have been there.We all have once visited a gym.I’ve had some crazy experiences at the gym.Well,am not talking about dirty towels or smelly people.Lemme bring you to your first day at the gym.You are in your new gym shoes,new workout clothes,all motivated and u have tried to look as good as possible for your first workout 😀

Now you walk in and look around.You see those guys using dumbbells and barbells and some are looking pretty ripped.you try to stay away from them thinking you might embarrass yourself.After your first day,you are fairly consistent with your workouts,but soon,u develop the dreaded ‘no time’ excuse,’can’t wake up’ syndrome or the weather conditions force you to stay away from gym.

Well,I hav seen some people going to gym for the last 2 yrs nd even more but  widout havin any major improvements in their personality or physique.Earlier I used to wonder,but now I know the reason.Its all because they have been irregular and depended solely on gym for their workouts.If you take a break of more than 45 days,then lemme tell u that u are just wasting your time coz u’ll have another set of excuses for avoiding the gym few days after u resume your workout session.

Now being a student of biomedical engineering and my interest in human body,I have developed a fair knowledge about the effect of workout on your body.Many  people repeat the same workout everyday.The problem with repeating workouts is that the body will adapt to whatever you do and it will get easier each time. For your body to benefit from it again you have to do the workout harder and longer to continue getting results otherwise your results will taper off and decline considerably. You will hit the dreaded ‘workout plateau’.

Another problem that I have with the gym is lack of guidance.Gyms try to be hands off.  They provide little or no instructions onproperly using their equipment.The Indian trainers either leave you on your own or they want you to blindly follow them.Does your trainer know about your history of diseases?your backache?your metabolic rate?You might be thinking wtf dis guy is talking about but beleive me there’s nothing worse than going into something and training incorrectly.

Lets consider for a moment that u are a lucky guy.You have got a very good trainer and you are quite regular with your workout sessions.But there is one very important thing that u might be missing in the gym,and that’s INTENSITY. Embarrassing your self in front of others, lack of equipments to keep track of managing your rest periods,getting  busy in talking with others,watching TV in the gym,waiting in line for a machine or weights to free up are some of the few reasons that decrease your intensity and don’t allow you to give your best.

Now lemme share wid u guys some of my biomechanics gyaan 😛 . A natural movement or functional movements by definition are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics that usually involve multi-planar, multi-joint movements, which place demand on the body’s core muscles.Some weight machines in the gym promote un-natural movements. Seated leg curls on a machine are not functional.   It’s a movement we don’t use in real-world situations that make it un-natural.  In fact, it’s down right asking to damage your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)!A great functional replacement exercise would be a squat. Functional in every day activity as picking things up off the ground, multi-joint in nature.

I am not against visiting gyms and I myself  still go to the gym.But the sight of innocent people being trained by some idiots really pisses me off!!!You know about Your strengths and weaknesses,let you be the one who decides the routine of exercises for himself.You can design your own set of exercises,starting with the warm-ups of your choice.I have been suffering from a severe lower-back pain for the last 3 years.My trainer didn’t take it seriously,and the result was that the next day I was unable to move from my bed.Incorrect exercises or exercises that  just don’t suit you are unsafe and can cause injury.Morever,you get frustated and depressed.Gym is not a place to get depressed.U should walk in there motivated and then come out wid even more motivation.Just wear your earphones properly(it’ll luk clumsy untangling them very often in the gym),put a metal song or any song that can increase your intensity(Better prepare a gym playlist) and then just njoy every workout session.Forget the girls,do it for the person you see every morning in the mirror.Yeah,the same person who is now growing bigger and stronger everyday.Remember that the shoes that fit others need not fit you.You are the best judge of yourself and you can be the master of your body.Will post about some alternative exercises in the coming posts.


9 thoughts on “What I hate about gyms”

  1. whoa!!!…..finally u did it…..6-pack…man……(phew)………..learnt a lot 2day, u kno wat, d type f peopl u describd dere…m 1 f dem….bt nw…i hav gt d boost……eagerly waitin fr mor…… n yeah cngrtz bro fr d damn kewl “6-pak”…………

  2. Oh!! I know exactly what you mean by “trying to stay away from them thinking you might embarrass yourself” … Been there, done that!! 😉 I prefer games and cycling, out in the open, to the man-made machines placed in closed air-conditioned settings… Who cares for rigorous work-outs when you can get nearly the same effects while having fun with your friends at the same time?? 😉
    But congrats on your six-packs!!

    1. Thanx 🙂 Yeah I know wot u mean to say…I dnt spend my whole time at the gym…I like doing cardio in a stadium….There’s no substitue for the fresh air that u get in the morning!

  3. I completely agree on what you said about gyms. It’s so true! trainers are often very unmotivated to help people in the gym and if they are payed to they tend to REALLY over due it. I’ve experienced those trainers that worked the crap out of me to the point where I never even went back. Thanks for liking my blog! look forward to more posts.

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