Understanding metabolism:The first step in any exercise!

Metabolism  is not a new word.You keep hearing it by your gym trainer,dietician,doctor or by some friend.While talking about metabolism,they all assume that you have some fundamental information on this.Regrettably,most people simply don’t understand the concept of metabolism and metabolic change.Lets unravel the metabolic mystery!Metabolism,basically,is the conversion of food that you eat into energy!There are two conflicting processes involved in the overall metabolic process-anabolism and catabolism.The former process creates tissues and cells to replace dead or dysfunctional cells,while the latter one breaks down the cells to create energy so that your body can do what it is supposed to be doing.

Metabolism brings together these functions in an optimal way that enables the body to create cells as needed,and break them down,again as needed.It’s in this way that metabolism earns its reputation as a harmonizer!When you do an aerobic exercise,Your body temperature increases,and the increased breathing rate demands more oxygen,which would ofcourse require some additional energy.This is the time when your body will start converting your food into energy at a faster rate.When your body has too many calories(regardless of what food source those calories come from) it can do only two things.It can desperately try and see if you have any energy needs or it will have to store those calories.And unless you have lean muscle that is gobbling up those excess calories,you’ll be adding fat.

By now you have got a sense of how metabolism relates to weight loss and muscle building.The more efficient your body is in carrying out the metabolic process,the faster and better will be the results.Some ways to boost your metabolism will be discussed later.Till then keep eating healthy food,avoid skipping your meals and stay away from high fat foods



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