After walking barefoot over one hour in a forest full of leeches,this is what I finally got to click!13 months have passed,but it still blows my mind.
(The pic was clicked in some forest of kodaikanal,India)


34 thoughts on “Twin-waterfalls.”

    1. K…I don’t remember the name of this forest,and I don’t remember the directions to this forest either…Seems I’ll have to show this pic to the locals when I visit kodai the next time… 😀
      And btw Kodai is a beautiful place…I liked it more than ooty!

    1. Kodai is must-visit place for those who love valleys and waterfalls…But I’ll suggest you not to visit during the winters as waterfalls are dry during this time!

      1. Best wishes for the B-school entrance – let me know the results upon receiving it! Looking forward to your reflective posts! Cheers.

      1. 🙂 Excellent! Thus, you should be feeling relieved, no?! Congrats, dear one! Now, let me soon see a new post by you! Cheers.

    1. Thankfully, most of the leaches were small in size. Natural remedy says rubbing salt on the area causes them to fall off the body. I had no such option there. So I would ignore them for 1 min and then wash off with the fast running water. Sometimes I had to rub my feet against the rocks.
      it was more irritating because the girls present there were not helping themselves and I had to get leches off from them too.

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