A well lived life

A well lived life

If I have stopped regretting the decisions that I have made,

If I have made a certain impact on some other life on the earth,

If I find at least one way to express myself,

If I have enjoyed doing my work,

If I have started taking pleasure in every moment,

If I am not ashamed of seeing the person in the mirror,

That day I can proudly say,that I have lived my life!

38 thoughts on “A well lived life”

  1. Well-said… I would agree on everything here if I was asked how i would want to live, had I to live a well-lived life…

    If I have made a certain impact on some other life on the earth,
    If I am not ashamed of seeing the person in the mirror

    1. Even animals can spend their lives eating,sleeping and eventually dying…Considering myself above them,I feel it’s my responsibilty to help at least one form of life in some way…This is what makes us different from animals,we can think and we can help each other!

      The ‘mirror’ thing is again very important for me because I don’t care how others perceive me…People start judging u by the first tym they have seen u,u can’t do anything about this…
      But I shall never lose my self-respect!

      1. Er- helping each other makes us different from animals? What about ants? Shoals of fish, swimming together to confuse predators, or horses nuzzling each other- a horse-hug… What about eukaryotes, mitochondria coming into archaea, helping a whole different class of organism to their mutual benefit?

        Thanks for the follow. Come and comment, and I may follow back.

      2. Yes,animals do help each other,but for their mutual benefits.As a human being I can actually ‘think’ and I can try to help someone without expecting anything in return…And humans can contemplate too…Now that’s something different!…

    1. I understand…it’s just that am not used to getting respect from the elders.It has always been the other way round.Anyway,thanx a lot for showing ur respect πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful words. That day will come if you let to. It’s also the way to learn the way you are, learning to love your own inside. Be you, no matter what other people say. Change only things when it fits you.

    Have a nice, inspiring day.

    Greetings, Summer

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