Quote #1

”Blogging is the facebook of the intellects”


30 thoughts on “Quote #1”

  1. so true! i used to have a gazillion fb friends but decided to make a new account with just my family and closest friends.. i like blogging coz people actually think twice before posting something. ^^

    1. I actually deactivated my fb account 6 months back!I realized that that am no longer interested in knowing what others are doing………..,nor am interested in letting the world know what I am upto!
      Those who really matter keep in touch through phone,email or skype.
      For me,fb is a waste of time.
      Seems my next post is gonna be on fb…lol

      1. you beat me to it ^^ ok hmmm reasons why i hate it: 1)status updates that are just non-sense 2)posts asking you to “share” of you love your mom- –i mean c’mon if i don’t share does that mean i don’t give a crap about my mom? 3)post-coital photos >< 4)jejemonsters 5)pictures put up just so people can post hate comments… add those for me will ya? ^^

      1. what’s their point anyway? it’s not like they’re the only ones having sex haha oh and add tgo your list too, i hate that fb keeps changing. they keep fixing it even when it ain’t broke. tsk

  2. totally agreed… One of the best thing i find out blogging is,people here are least bothered about real identity of the blogger.. Writing is the only identity,it hardly matters how you look,from where you are and what you do and what your life is upto..

  3. I love this! Actually, one way I keep in touch with one of my cousins without actually speaking to her is through reading her blog. This is a blessing because she and I are in distant time zones!

  4. Indeed, an intelligent quote! I loathe facebook and could never get myself interested in pseudo-people who seem to thrive on strangers validating their existence – rather nonsensical in my humble view. But….I am of the dinosaur age, perhaps! lol.

    1. There are very few people of my age who don’t use facebook…I quickly realized that the more time I spend there,the lesser I am going to achieve in my life…But one good thing I miss about facebook is that it reminded me birthdays 😛

      1. Well, those birthdays that are special shall be greeted by those who shall find their way, and/or, you shall find theirs – try the inner realm, it’s rather mystical as is the icon of yours!

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