A note to my all readers

2013 started on a good note for me.I have cleared some B-school entrances.I’ll be facing 15-20 interviews.This is going to keep me really busy for the next 2 months, until I am done with my final admission.

I will try to post something, if time permits.I wish I could read all the stuff that you people are writing these days. Wish you all a very happy new year 🙂 .I love you all!


13 thoughts on “A note to my all readers”

  1. Good luck! As a fellow job hunter I know that the search is as much a job, as much a tough semester if not more.

    I think my blog has been hindering my job search as perhaps should follow your advice and have it take a back seat for a while to fully dedicate myself to work seeking…

    1. Thanks… your blog is a good place for you as it allows you to say so many things that you would not have spoken otherwise… But you should make sure that it doesn’t get more attention than job searching…We all love blogging but the truth is that blogging won’t pay our rents… It’s all about setting priorities and devoting more time for a thing that comes first on your priority list!
      Go and kill it!
      My best wishes are with you 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reality check! I literally got on my computer and spent like 8 hours solely dedicated to the “job hunt”. Applying, resume revamping and cover letter writing. Today, I will rinse and repeat, as I will tomorrow and the next day and the next till I get that offer letter!

        I hope I can still maintain my blog at the same level (or better – having new content to write about and a new community of bloggers to share and learn from), but… We shall see. Again, good luck and that you!

  2. Good to know that 2013 brought some good news for you….thanks for liking my post…don’t worry u are always welcometo browse thru the pics….as m travelling n hardly get time to write as well..cheers

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