Proving god’s existence mathematically

ax^2 + bx + c = 0

I came across this general form of quadratic equations recently while revising my maths portion for an aptitude based exam. Then a thought struck my mind which led to a series of thoughts, No wonder I could not finish my revision before the exam.

There was a long list of properties of the above equation one of which particularly caught my eye. It said that  if one of the roots of the above equation is of the form  “p + iq” then there definitely exists another root of the equation and it will be of the form  “p – iq”.

These roots are called as the conjugate pairs. I noticed that the earth is full of such conjugate pairs.Let us assume that our planet is a quadratic equation

ax^2 + bx + c = 0.

  One point to note is that the members of a conjugate pair are opposite in nature.

The discriminant ‘D’ of the above equation is b^2-4ac. For real roots to exist, D must be greater than or equal to zero.

When  D<0, there is no real root. There are so many places on the earth where life does not exist.Such places illustrate this condition.

When D=0, the roots are real and equal. A married couple is a perfect example of this. The members are together in a pair. This pair is an equal pair of roots as it is different from the conjugate pair where the members are opposite in nature. A mother-child pair can be another example.

When D>0 and roots are non-complex, then there exist two roots with no relation between them(neither equal nor opposite in nature). Of course, they are real.

When D>0 and roots are complex, then they are complex conjugates.

Day-night pair can then be considered as a conjugate root of this equation.

We have love-hate, joy-sadness, tears-laughter as some of the other conjugate pairs. Phenomena like day and night, good and bad are complex in nature as well as consist of members that are opposite in nature.

The most striking feature of the conjugate pair is that the existence of one root guarantees the existence of the other. In mathematical terms, if one of the roots is ‘p+iq’ then there has to be another root which is going to be of the form ‘p-iq’.

If we consider the god-devil pair, it can be considered as the one of the oldest conjugate pairs. Gods and devils are exactly opposite to each other. God represents the good while devil is a representative of the ‘bad’.

A tough challenge for many theists has been to prove the existence of god scientifically. Science rejects the existence of god since there is no scientific evidence about its existence. If proving god’s existence scientifically is so tough then I think people should try to prove the existence of devil. With so much negativity around us proving the devil’s existence scientifically may be a lot easier.

The big question that comes to my mind after analyzing all this is that if someone proves the existence of devil scientifically, then can we mathematically (and thus scientifically) conclude that god does exist, for they both constitute the conjugate pair ?

A joke(no offence to anyone):

Theists may argue that god is ‘a’ in the quadratic equation and since ‘a’ is never zero, god can never be zero and thus god exists!That was easy 😉


20 thoughts on “Proving god’s existence mathematically”

    1. I was writing and editing two posts simultaneously…I guess I have edited that quote and published this one…am sorry…I’ll be deleting ur comment once I am convinced that u have read this reply. Can you please post this same comment on the post ‘quote # 3’ ?

  1. A is never zero only because if it were, the equation would not be quadratic. But then you knew that. Proving God is my job, not yours!

    Some Christians do not believe in a devil as seeking to bring us down. Would that stop us believing in God? I believe in God because of my experiences- “God” seems a reasonable way to label them- so God is subjective not objective. Ha! No more need to prove scientifically!

    1. I agree, god may be subjective… but then I am trying to know if it’s existence can be objectively proved someday… I wrote down my random thought to discuss it with you people… thanks for your valuable comment…

  2. You are a brilliant kid!
    Thanks for following my blog! Did you find me through Twitter?
    I love how you think although the birthday thing is sort of F’d up. I have two kids your age. Celebrations are what life is all about. You don’t probably know this yet, but memory is a very strange thing. Our brains get lazy if we stay in routine. I love “events” because they stick in my memory. We skied Vail today and my daughter is bringing a new boyfriend up to our place in the mountains. This is something I’ll remember! Yay!
    I’ll look forward to reading your posts. Maybe we’ll both learn something!

    1. Thanks for your words 🙂 …
      I found you through your gravatar profile… but since you mentioned twitter, I am going to follow you there right now! I love events too, without them life gets monotonous and boring…

  3. haha….funny ending…

    quote from the movie devil totally irrelevant to your post but still ::

    many say if god exists then so shud the devil, i say if the devil exists then so should god. 🙂

    glad to have you back with us, how were your exams?

    1. Movies have interesting quotes… I shall watch this movie…
      some exams were good, some terribly bad… but the good ones were good enough to fetch me 15-20 interview calls for next 2 months… hope to convert as many calls as possible.

  4. That’s an interesting dilemma to look at mathematically – presence of & absence of God. Can it work if the God-deity vs. a creation of the God-deity (a fallen angel that we call a devil) are not, in fact, equal, to be able to prove (or cancel out) one another’s existence? I don’t know; but might this elevate the problem that many have with God anyway? (If there was a loving God, why would this deity allow evil into the world in the first place that had to cancel/balance out?) For me, I personally think God may be better understood in what we’re learning with quantum physics throughout our universe – the ever expanding, ever changing, yet organized fractals that are mathematically infinite and rational, while being breath-takingly exquisite. (So, yes, I think God is in math and science – and, gosh, maybe even evolution. I know. gasp/wink. It doesn’t have the power to negate a creator either. I don’t think these two theories, for instance, cancel each other out at all – they’re theories that probably shouldn’t be looked at in opposition.) But I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to express God logically anyway. I find God in my personal experiences, but only when I’m looking. His Word tells me that He draws near to me when I draw near to Him, and He draws near when I’m hurting. I’ve felt His spiritual presence strongly in those times in my life, and it’s because of those times that I maintain my faith when I’m not drawing near and don’t feel a presence. To me, it works like any other relationship – I have to spend time seeking to know. I can stop having relationship with him like I did all those people I once went to school with and only think I know a few things I read about on facebook. 😉 Please accept this response as a respectful discussion, not as someone who thinks she has all the answers. Undoubtedly, I do not. I appreciate that you don’t claim to either. Life’s a journey.

    1. I like having discussions… thank you so much for commenting.
      There are just some random thoughts in my mind and I write them on my blog… what follows after that is a genuine and high-level discussion with people like you, which helps me in analyzing things from 360 degrees.
      And I won’t even mind if someone completely disagrees with me on a post, we all think different and that’s why we all are different. Thanks again 🙂

      1. It’s always interesting to me to process how each of us works through our understandings, so thank you for being bold in sharing your thoughts as you wrestle with them to make sense of your beliefs – and allowing me to do the same. And, to me, a bouquet is always lovelier when it’s made up of a mixture of flowers. Thank you for celebrating our human variances – it always makes for a beautiful experience. 🙂

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