24 thoughts on “Quote #6”

      1. No darlin’ you’ll never stop feeling it. There will be times when you hear a song that you haven’t heard in years. All the memories of that song, will come flooding back and bring you to your knees.

  1. Oh, I’m #3. I feel the music. I just danced my way out of the restaurant where I had lunch with a friend. The song playing was “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” and I just couldn’t NOT dance! 🙂

    1. are u one among those? I am… but can’t say that proudly because I haven’t composed anything great so far… but it definitely adds another dimension to your ‘feeling’ whhile you are feeling the song 🙂

    1. Certain deaf people belong to the 3rd category I guess…. Beethoven went deaf, but continued to compose until he died, maybe because he could feel the music. …. Someone with congenital deafness can also feel the beats, the vibrations of music.
      Thanks for pointing out.. I was expecting it from someone in the comments… u sure are brainy 🙂

      1. or just cynical 😉 Ok, Beethoven had impaired hearing but he was able to hear before, I really asked myself many times what and how people that were never able to hear feel music…. does it sound better to them… it continues to puzzle me .. even more so with blind-born people and vision and colours…. I hope you don’t mind me speaking my mind out loud 😉

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