Do me a favor??

Hello friends! I  have finally created the anonymous facebook page that will contain stuff related to blog. I request you all to go and join the page and if possible, then promote it by sharing it with your friends. I want my voice to be heard by a lot of people. The reason behind not revealing my original name and staying anonymous is a genuine one. If you are anonymous and write something, then people are interested only in your writing. Compare this to a  person posting things and people making their judgement based on their perception about the person. I want discussions only related to what is written there and not about me.

Here’s the link, please go and like this page and if possible then ask your friends too 🙂 . I love you all and it is only my blog family that I can trust upon for launching my facebook page!


10 thoughts on “Do me a favor??”

  1. I have a FB account I created for my book, but, for the life of me, I can’t understand FB. Maybe I’m too old! 🙂 I was told it was necessary to have a FB presence to market my book. Well, so far, not so good. Maybe it’s because I only check it rarely and I don’t care about the micro details of people’s lives that they post about. Again, maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a waste of time.

    Nothing of substance happens there. At least not for me. I can follow your link and see what happens if that’s what you want. Let’s hope you have better luck that I have had!

    1. Honestly speaking I don’t like FB as well, but I have to use it for the marketing that you mentioned. There is an e-commerce revolution going on. I would like to analyse consumer behavior, their preferences, etc and finally implement it someday in my own venture. My FB page apart from promotion will be a lesson for me in marketing my stuff which can be implemented in my future ventures.
      Thanks a lot for following the page 🙂

  2. For me, it’s completely different. I put more value to what somebody says when I know who is saying it. For example, if the devil says, “Psst. Go this way.” I’m not going to listen! If God says it, I’m going to listen. heheh…(that’s kind of a joke but you get the point.) Anonymity also creates a veil that people can hide behind. As with most anything, that has its pros and cons. Attaching a name with the words creates accountability. We’re more careful to mean what we say.

    (I don’t have Facebook either. I axed my account 5 years ago and never looked back. Great decision!) Most people think it is necessary to have FB in 2013 but that is a lie. A FB-free life is a good life! xo

      1. Haha…cute. Well, yes and no. I’ve still been chained to my laptop finishing up my degree in Behavioral Sciences (and CPC in Substance Abuse). “Productive” is debatable. ;0)

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