That Grilling Interview- Part 2

Me: Sir philosophy pursues questions rather than answers. The main source of philosophic questioning is the sense of wonder, a childlike  wonder just about everything. It starts with bewilderment, astonishment, amazement about the world, life, and ourselves. Philosophy teaches a number of skills that are valuable in a variety of professions. The hallmark of philosophy education is critical thinking and inductive reasoning. Additionally, philosophy demonstrates that problems often have multiple solutions, and teaches its students to approach problems from a number of different perspectives (“lateral thinking”). The key point to remember is that philosophy is not a collection of facts to be memorized – it is a methodological approach to thinking and problem solving, which is highly valued in a number of professions.

When I read philosophy, I find myself involved in a process of critical thinking which may develop into ‘out of the box’ thinking for me in a professional world. Most of the scientists from few past centuries have been lovers of philosophy.


P3: Good, convincing. You also mentioned that you write on philosophy?

Me: Yes Sir, though I have written very few such articles. One of them is also available on the Yahoo US website.

P2: Let me give you a case. Suppose you are the HR manager and an employee approaches you seeking a one week leave saying  that his mother is seriously ill. What would you do?

Me: I would first check with his colleagues if his mother is really ill. I would also check his social networking profile to see if he was planning for a vacation and just trying to fool me. If I am convinced, I would grant him the leave depending on his requirement in the office.

P2: What will you do if he is found guilty? Let’s say he has updated a Facebook status that he is about to go on a one-week trip to Goa. Won’t you lash out and make a symbol of him in front of other employees?

Me: It won’t be a good idea to lash out at him in front of others. Every employee has certain ego and a sensible manager won’t not try to hurt that. I will ask him what made him to tell me a lie. He is always free to ask for a leave in case he is in a holiday mood. It might be even possible for the whole company staff to take a break on some weekend and go on a trip together. He may very well be granted holidays if he is speaking the truth. There is no point in telling lies in a professional world, for when truth confronts you ultimately you are going to suffer.

P2: Nice approach, but how does it prevent other employees from not doing it in future?

Me: ( blank for 10 seconds, then started speaking). That is something that needs to be taken care of during the induction period itself.

P2: (nods) Hmmm…

P3: Tell me about your engineering subjects.

Me: Told him about 5-6 subjects. Then explained him about biomedical instrumentation.

P1: One last question, Bhubaneshwar is very close to your hometown, then why haven’t you applied for that campus? Why did you choose the Delhi campus?

Me: ( Seriously puzzled, couldn’t tell them on face that Bhubaneshwar campus sucks at infrastructure and its placements too… Delhi was a far better choice. Finally something clicked my mind and this is what I said). I don’t think so. In today’s world distance is a relative concept. People see distance as the time that it is going to take them to reach there. My uncle works with the UN in Sudan and takes a flight for his hometown, which lets him meet his parents within 4 hours, though Sudan is thousands of Kilometers away. My grandparents live just 500 Km away from my home, but it takes my dad an 8 hour train journey to meet his parents.

P1: Didn’t speak anything. ( Now it was his turn to go silent).

P2 and P3 are smiling.

P2: We are done. Thanks for your time.

Me: Thank you.



RESULT: I made it, but I am joining a different college since I am more interested in studying marketing.




23 thoughts on “That Grilling Interview- Part 2”

    1. Haha.. This distance formula was something that I had discussed with my dad 4 years back. The same answer came back to my mind when it was needed the most 🙂

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