The Loner

The loner wanted to be alone,

always surrounded by people,


The loner wore a mask,

as a ritual,

crippled, felt the loner,

for having two faces.


The loner now felt lonely,

Still seeking solitude,

was he a loner or lonely?

Numb he was,

and diseased,

When he found a lonely girl,

The girl removed his mask,

cleansed his scar face, 

And they formed a ‘lone-pair’.


10 thoughts on “The Loner”

      1. That is terrific! Do all kids in college study engineering? Do you go to I I M in Ahmedabad? Beautiful campus. We were there off and on for 4 months, and of course architecture was paramount in our outings!

        Have you ever seen the American TV show Big Bang Theory? It is very funny… My husband is definitely Sheldon!!!!

    1. Engineering will always allure young kids 😀
      Never been there, but I have heard that the IIM Ahmedabad campus is beautiful.
      Yes, I have watched that show, around 4 seasons. I watch it only for Sheldon. Your husband must be very interesting 🙂

  1. The girl saves the day! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and following, “Honey.” Am not a poet, but look forward to dropping by and reading your poems.

  2. What a coincendance…poets as well. We are actually having our first poetry reading October 10th at our local library and one of our pieces has made the finals for the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival. Our poetry is normally dark, but we just so happened to have one about…..a guitar! It was written after my father died, in honor of him; he taught me when I was a little girl. I really loved your poem. I like the idea of whether he was a loner by choice or lonely (his plight). And one of my favorite parts the last two words. a ‘lone-pair. nice!!

    1. Thanks for liking it. I am very amateur when it comes to poetry. I have interesting thoughts in my mind but I wish I could connect them intricately to give it a good poetic feel. Would really love to read your poem that made it for the finals!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting me at my cyber summerhouse and for the follow. I sincerely hope that you like what you read there and enjoy your visits. I love your poem and look forward to reading more of your work. Have a lovely day 🙂

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