Random Lines #2

Sometimes you feel curious about the facts, while at some other time you might feel curious about the absolute truth. You don’t know which reality is more real, but the curiosity is always present unless it finishes it’s life owing to an explanation!


11 thoughts on “Random Lines #2”

  1. Of course, some believe that everything is relative–even science changes its “facts” once news ones are discovered. So what is truth? How can you be absolutely certain of anything?

  2. Life is a continuing mystery! Thanks for the follow. I am intrigued to have a MBA student as a follower. We were in Ahmedabad and spent many hours at IIM with the architecture students! Most of my followers are engineers! Welcome! Namaste. . . . ..

      1. I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit and after all that New York is my second favorite city for me! I love the hustle, bustle, people from all over the world, ethic food, noise, and stimulation….(maybe why I love India!) . I get excited just thinking of NYC…..silly as I have visited many, many times! Hope it works out for you!

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