8 thoughts on “Quote #15”

  1. I guess I’m an extrovert. Interesting philosophy. I’ve always known I’m a people person, outgoing. My writing partner & daughter (Inion)….introvert! All the way. She’d stay in a cabin in the mountains writing and never come out. lol However, where my guitar is concerned. Well, it’s the one thing, (gift) that I’ve never wanted to share with people. And it’s not because I’m bad either. I’ve been playing since I was 10 and that means more than thirty years; More than eight guitar players in my family, including bass, mandolin & banjo, married a rock-drummer who plays out professionally. So… musical family. But I never liked playing in front of people. I play for me. It relaxes me. So it’s funny. The statement although true about my personality, is not about my guitar. I’d be curious to know what your musical influences are. I’m a grunge-gal with an absolute obssession of Nirvana. Love, Kurt Cobains voice!! In love with David Grohl (Nirvana only noy foo fighters so much). And what kind of guitar do you play? Love this site, so happy you started visiting ours, and can’t wait to stop by & read more. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to knock around on your site for a while! 🙂 btw~luv the name of your blog!!

    1. So you like to practice solos more often than rhythm?
      Nice to know about your musical family, I am the only one in my family to have even held a musical instrument 😀
      I normally play acoustic, electric depends on the mood. Even I prefer playing for myself as playing a guitar is simply an extension of my emotions which I don’t want to display in front of others.
      Nirvana is one of my favourite bands. Kurt’s voice is amazing and no day passes without listening to one of his songs. I also admire Pink Floyd and few songs of Led Zep.
      You are always welcome to knock around my blog, thanks for liking the name 🙂

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