Introducing The best online site for deals

With e-commerce spreading its wings over a larger consumer base everyday, the average online consumer is lost when it comes to making a choice for his/her online purchase. Consider yourself buying a camera. You will have a hard time deciding and comparing deals on various online portals selling the product. How many times have we wondered if we could avail some discount on our next restaurant visit? It is during such times when websites like come to our rescue.

Having a look at the website will assure you about the myriad deals that are available in your town or in your neighborhood. The website collates deals on various retail sales in the country (India) at one place and presents it to you on the basis of your location as well as category of the product/service you are looking for. What sets this website apart from other deals websites is the inclusion of offers from retail outlets which can’t be found and compared online.

One can easily navigate between categories and dates for the deals.

User friendly categories
User friendly categories


Some coupons are valid for dates  extending even into the next year. I tried finding out a deal on Dominos by typing it out in the search tab.

Deals from Dominos
Deals from Dominos


I wasn’t lucky with the amazing one  plus one offer but it has prompted me to keep looking out for such deals on the website so that I do not miss them in future.  There also several featured deals on the website which one gets to see on visiting the link already mentioned. So go ahead and check out this amazing compilation of offers from online platforms as well as retail outlets.

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