The Doors

Don’t you hear the knocking,

Don’t you hear them falling,

Don’t you think I don’t mean good,

Don’t you think you made it lose!

We wanted openย doors for us,

And I heard the front doorย slam,

When you tried opening the back door, ma’am!

You’ve been a great lover,

And a greater burden,

The locks would work,

That was for certain.

12 thoughts on “The Doors”

  1. This is nice. I had to read it multiple times to make something out of it, and I won’t be surprised if my understanding of this poem differs from yours. The kind of passive aggression expressed in these lines are remarkable.

    As a side note, the first and third lines remind me of Walter White (Breaking Bad); the “knocking” and “don’t mean good” are so apt references.

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