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The Loner

The loner wanted to be alone,

always surrounded by people,


The loner wore a mask,

as a ritual,

crippled, felt the loner,

for having two faces.


The loner now felt lonely,

Still seeking solitude,

was he a loner or lonely?

Numb he was,

and diseased,

When he found a lonely girl,

The girl removed his mask,

cleansed his scar face, 

And they formed a ‘lone-pair’.


Cold days

Approached her several times,

but was stabbed each time by her ocean eyes,

thinking what she thinks,

my eyes would refuse to blink,


but I would not mind the absence of her sign,

for I always felt her presence right next to mine,

as time flows, now I realize,

realize that may be she is not in my fate,

just hoping  sun crawls enough,

to let its shine give a little warmth to my cold days!