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Crave (book review)

‘’A supernatural romance. He’s a Rakshasa, she a hunter. They are natural born enemies, but does that mean they will give up on love”?

I romanticize unconventional love stories more than what is considered healthy. I started reading this book because it looked like an Indian version of the Twilight, sans unnecessary drama. I have known the author because of her previous book ‘Games Girls Play’ that I had seen at my girlfriend’s place.

The book starts with an introduction to the two lead characters, Samrat and Aditi. Samrat is an ‘Asura’ and ‘Aditi’ is a hunter. The first meeting of these two characters happens through an action scene that throws some more light on their backgrounds. The subsequent meetings between the characters have been poignantly described. The author’s choice of words creates a perfect imagery of the object and its atmosphere. Both of them try to avoid each other, but something keeps them drawing close and nature takes over on several occasions. The lusty love-making scene between these two characters is very sensual.

As the characters get to know little more about each other, they realize there is a lot more to be learnt about the other. The fascination only grows. As the story unfolds, it reveals a few more characters with supernatural powers. Some of them have devious plans and eventually Samrat and Aditi have to team up to fight them. They are joined by some of Aditi’s friends against the evil forces.

The rivalry between the hunters and Rakshasas had started thousands of years before. So despite all the current friendship and action one question always lingers in Samrat’s mind, whether Aditi would accept him on knowing that he is a Rakshasa. Samrat wants to tell her the truth, but is too consumed in his fight against the devious plans. Samrat is an Asura but his intentions are not evil. He lives by a moral code and later gets a chance to bare his soul to Aditi.

Aditi is in love with Samrat, but only with the few things she already knows. How would she react on knowing the truth? Can she abandon him directly and risk losing the fight against the evil? How does Samrat feel on knowing Aditi’s dark ancestry?

Crave is a refreshing story that makes you stick till the end. The story has not been overextended and the author deserves full marks for making you admire the characters. download

This book is a must-read for the intensity of love, craving and moral dilemmas it has. Moreover, the kindle edition on Amazon costs INR 68 only. Most of us spend more than this on our daily commute. Buying this book has been a very smart investment in the year 2016.

The book can be bought here.

27 Broken Footprints – Another discussion with the author

27 Broken Footprints is a narrative weaved around recent popular events dissecting and exploring pressing contemporary issues while raising a few questions – some old, some new – is vigilante form of justice an answer to today’s rapes in India? Where have all our heroes gone? Can a girl from IIT ever be a real woman? Can one really get over the hurt of their first failed love? The darkness of misery – can it lead one to kill? How much does one really pay for fame – acquired and lost? And is forgetting the only way to stay truly happy?

She got in touch with me recently, the writer of this book, asking me if I would like to discuss the book. This post is an excerpt from the conversation.
But before we get there, below is the cover of the book.
What all can you see there?
Do you see the woman, do you see her tears, do you see the seashore?
Do you see the legs, the four faces and the throned path? 


Me: The section Inside Dairy in 27 Broken Footprints starts with the chapter Are IIT girls afraid of dark circles? What prompted you to delve on the beauty quotient of IIT girls?
Preeti: It was in my third or fourth year that I wrote this piece. As far as my memory serves me, there were a couple of articles in leading dailies discussing the same topic,and those articles had words like – she’s the man, she males – yes, these were the words used to describe the girls from my college. These articles, discussions about these articles within my own circles and also the general perception regarding iit girls and beauty, prompted me to not just delve, but to write about….write about what I wrote about.

Me: It is a prevalent belief that beauty and intelligence are inversely related. Popular beliefs aside, was the chapter in Are IIT girls afraid of dark circles written on a defensive note?
Preeti: No. It is satire. Not defence. In fact, you cannot miss the mockery amongst the words.


Me: What is the section The Other Woman about?
Preeti: This is the first chapter that you will come across in 27 Broken Footprints. It is a love-hate-revenge story. The story moves very rapidly in future, past and the present.

I am going to quote directly from the book here –

As far as stories in this book, The Other Woman, I think makes for a difficult read. It’s about a girl in love and a girl out of love. It’s about her innocence, her faith, her love and her cold-blooded deeply-disturbing revenge.”

Here is another teaser from the book – 27 BROKEN FOOTPRINTS — LIKE ME, YOU ARE – OUR FICTIONAL REALITY

The book is available on Amazon for pre-order. Do book your copy today.