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The Doors

Don’t you hear the knocking,

Don’t you hear them falling,

Don’t you think I don’t mean good,

Don’t you think you made it lose!

We wanted open doors for us,

And I heard the front door slam,

When you tried opening the back door, ma’am!

You’ve been a great lover,

And a greater burden,

The locks would work,

That was for certain.

Love in the burning room

Dreaming about her,

caught unaware by her illusions,

displayed his emotions,

trapped like a fly on web.

Like water set on fire,

his emotions burnt the house,

With the flames of,

his need for her.

Could not quench his thirst,

only ashes would remain of the burning house,

and inside him a fire would still burn.


Wanted to peel off her layers,

push her lips inside his,

unfurl the tongue,

enjoy the nectar.


And so they melted away in sins of each others’ souls,

slowly kissing away the layers of hurt,

of naked bodies without any pain.

Nothing could pull them apart,

for once none concealed,

innocence lost with intense passion in the room,

and the house burnt again!

Cold days

Approached her several times,

but was stabbed each time by her ocean eyes,

thinking what she thinks,

my eyes would refuse to blink,


but I would not mind the absence of her sign,

for I always felt her presence right next to mine,

as time flows, now I realize,

realize that may be she is not in my fate,

just hoping  sun crawls enough,

to let its shine give a little warmth to my cold days!