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Improving metabolism through lifestyle changes.

Hello guys!!!In my previous article I told u how we can improve our metabolism by proper exercises.In this one I’ll tell you about the small lifestyle changes that we can make to increase our metabolic rate.

Most of us lead busy lives and therefore it’s challenging to really keep an eye on all of our habits.We have limitations in our lifestyle choices;there are some small changes that can be made in our daily lifestyle and that can boost our metabolism.Men especially need to change these 2 habits:

1.Alcohol:People who consume alcohol in a wrong manner are seriously undermining their efforts to boost metabolism.Studies have shown that drinking alcohol with meals encourages over eating.Alcoholic drinks are laden with calories;almost as much as sugary-rich soft drinks.A bottle of beer can deliver a few hundred calories.Wine is generally considered to deliver the least amount of calories,but if you have 3 glasses of wine that means you have consumed 300 calories.

Am not asking you to stop drinking alcohol together.If you enjoy drinking with your friends ,then there’s no particular reason why you have to quit it.The tip here is to keep everything in limits.This is a big problem with many people,especially Indians.Instead of having 2 glasses of wine or a single bottle of beer daily,Indian men generally tend to stay away from alcohol for few days or a few weeks.So when they actually land at the bar,they have a tendency to gulp down everything-2 bottles of beer,4 shots of rum,3 shots of whiskey followed by another bottle of beer,for example.Such mindless drinking forces your system to deal with huge amount of calories.Anabolism will inevitably occur and is likely to create new fat cells.So,if you drink in limited amounts,then you prevent generation of new fat cells,you save your money and you are not likely to be involved in creating a ruckus at the drinking place.

2.Zzzzzzzz…..Zzzzzzz…. :Getting a sound sleep and in the right amount is the toughest thing to manage.Sleep deprivation affects your metabolism because it directly affects your digestion.In absence of proper rest,,your body lacks the strength to break down food efficiently.Also,if you exercise by stealing some time from your rest period and have a lesser amount of desired sleep,then you are actually doing more harm than good to your body.You should not oversleep,because you’ll feel lazy the next day.7-8 hours of sleep is said to be ideal.6 hours is a minimum unless you’re a workaholic and feel that your body and mind can give their optimal performance even at 5 hrs of sleep.

But there’s a problem.You might not feel asleep as soon as you go on bed.You go to bed at 11PM and intend to wake up by 6AM,but you fell asleep only by 12:30…so u actually get only 5.5 hours of sleep instead of 7 hours.U’ll find a variety of advices to deal with sleep -related disorders on internet.3 small changes can help you get a better sleep……First,don’t exercise close to bedtime.It may get you so energized that your body refuses to enter the sleep state.Second,try to keep a gap of atleast 2.5 hours between your dinner time and the time when u go for sleep.Third,avoid using earphones/headphones just before sleeping.Listening to a soothing song may calm your mind,but it may delay your sleep as well.

And if you can’t follow these.then there’s yoga for you.You can do ‘shavasana’ to get a good sound sleep.(search on wikipedia).

To conclude,I would tell you that lifestyle changes alone will do improve your metabolism,but if u want to have better results then you’ll definitely have to follow the appropriate lifestyle,exercise and diet patterns.